Speed Pedelec

speed pedelec

What is Speed Pedelec ?

If you’re looking for an electric bike that does 28mph, then take a look at Speed Pedelec.

Speed Pedelecs are the one kinds of electric bicycles that have higher powered motors and can achieve speeds of up to 28mph. 

An electric bicycle stops giving pedal assistance at speeds higher than about 25 km/h, a speed pedelecs offers no pedal assistance at speeds higher than 45 km/h.

The speed pedelec can also be combined with sporty derailleur gears or hub gears.

What is a Pedelec?

A pedelec is a collective name for electric-powered bicycles that offer pedal assistance. A pedelec is a shortened term derived from the phrase “pedal electric cycle”.  They are especially popular with older cyclists

History of Speed Pedelec

The term pedelec was coined by Susanne Brüsch in her 1999 thesis Pedelecs: Vehicles of the Future.

Michael Kutter founded Dolphin E-bikes, designed and produce the first pedelec prototype in 1989 .  Yamaha produced larger numbers of Pedelec under the name Power-Assist in 1994. 

From a legal point of view, pedelecs are ‘normal’ bicycles. Since 1 January 2017, a speed pedelecs are categorized as a moped.

In June 2017, more than 10,000-speed pedelecs had been registered with the Netherlands Vehicle Authority RDW.

This Electic Bike are now increasing in popularity with both recreational riders and competitive riders because they allow the system to continue “assisting” you even when you surpass 20 mph.

Speed Pedelec regulations

This E-bikes are made for the road and for urban traffic. Due to the high velocities of a speed pedelec, different rules apply than on a normal 25 km/h e-bike.

There are many different rules that are important when you ride a S ​​Pedelec.

S pedelec speed types

S pedelec characterized by their powerful support, high-quality components and exceptional performance.

The maximum speed on the E pedelec bike differs per road type:

  • Lane = 45 km/h
  • (Moped) cycle path within built-up areas = 30 km/h
  • (Moped) cycle path outside built-up areas = 40 km/h

Pedelec Bike Age Requirement

The minimum age for riding a speed pedelec is 16 years. In addition, riders must be in possession of a moped driving license.

Speed ​​Pedelecs of Speed ​​Bikes are fast electric bikes that can run at 45 km / h. That makes a Speed ​​Pedelec very suitable for commuting and people who enjoy driving.


They must be equipped with a rear view mirror.

License plate:

A moped license plate is required on the back of the speed pedelecs. Users must also carry the registration certificate at all times when cycling.

Speed Pedelec Price

The price of the Speed Pedelecs you want to buy will depend largely on the type of riding experience you want and the quality of that experience.

The price starts at $6,995.

Advantages of Speed Pedelecs

  • It is compact and requires very little maintenance
  • High mobility & versatility
  • Better for the environment
  • No problems with traffic jams

Disadvantages of Speed Pedelec

  • Expensive initial investment
  • Heavier than conventional bicycles
  • Specialized, complex parts
  • Potentially confusing legal status

Speed Pedelecs Pictures

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